Heroes of tomorrow launched! Are you the Hero of tomorrow?!

From the Developer of Once Heroes, YJM Games has launched yet another mobile game!
Heroes of Tomorrow is a Cartoon-style linear battle mobile game that is available on both Android and iOS (launched 1st November 2016).

This game brings fresh content that has the element of Korea as well as other countries as well. Being a Korean based developer, we can see that YJM games has actually designed the game in a very unique way by inputting what Korea is famous for. You can see that the storyline is actually told by using what we would call ‘Webtoon’. If you are very into Korea and it’s culture you would probably know what Korean Webtoon is like, Remarkable drawings from talented artists.

Here’s a glimpse of what Heroes of Tomorrow’s Webtoon in the game is like just for you!

Storyline of YJM Games Heroes of Tomorrow.png

The game has various contents available for you to gain certain in-game resources.One of the PVE content is the ‘Alien Battle’ where you can fight aliens in ‘U.F.O’. ‘U.F.O’ is a Floor clearing raid where you can clear the floors and claim awesome rewards. Other than that, Alien War includes Domination as well as World Boss.

If you love PVP, no worries, you can already PVP in this game! The Arena is automated however skills of your character can turn the tide when you are fighting against challenging opponents.

Are you waiting for a real alien abduction? Download the game now, available on both iOS and Android!

Download link




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