The Gentlebro’s Cat Quest gets a new trailer!

Singapore’s game developer, The Gentlebros has released an official trailer for their latest upcoming new game Cat Quest! The game currently has no official release date yet but we could probably expect the game to be launched in 2017 (hopefully!). The game will be available on Steam, iOS as well as the Android! Ah~ we can even play it on PC too!

Cat Quest was actually meant to be a dancing game according to The Gentlebros. However there was a change in plan as they felt that the dancing game was a little too complicated and boring at the same time. But since they have already made the 3D model of the cutie little Cat. They decided to not scrap the model but instead change it into another game!

Cat quest gameplay.jpg

Fast forwarding a little, they finally came to a decision to make a explorative open-world mobile game using the cat models that they have created, thus Cat Quest was born!
Cat Quest is an open world RPG in a fantasy realm where it is filled with cats and dogs (Yay for the animal lovers!) You will be playing as a Catventurer as you go on a journey to save the world from the destructive dragons! It’s all about discovering new things and places as your journey across the open map world to complete your quest to save the world. Since I myself is an avid cat lover, I will be camping for the release!


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