Square Enix Guardian Codex launched on iOS and Android

Still remember the pre-registration of the upcoming game by Square Enix? Well wait no more, Guardian Codex has officially been launched on both iOS and Android!

If you have pre-registered for it, you will be getting 6,000 Codex Credits, which is the In-App purchase currency of the game. Along with the credits, you will be entitled to a 4-star Guardian Banshee, as well as 5x Regular magic stone(III).

The game is a CCG cum 3D turn base battle game, if you are familiar with the older versions of Final Fantasy such as FF7 FF8 or FF9, I am sure that the style will not be a stranger to you. However the game does not incorporate the free-roaming style but comes in stages modes.

guardian codex gameplay.png

The game has a very easy command interface with over 100 different attacks, status effects and other skill abilities in which you can choose and strategize your team.

Other than single-player content, There is also the 4-person multiplayer mode where you will be able to team with 3 other players to defeat bosses by using one of your guardians each.

The story line of guardian codex begins in the year 2030, where the world is split between the Empire and the Resistance. You, as one of the Resistance’s agent, is sent into the virtual world Codex to find the extinct legendary “Guardians”.

The Resistance’s goal is to transfer the virtual Guardians into the real world and use them to defeat the Empire. Are you ready for the important task to locate the guardians.

Venture into Guardian Codex today with the download link below!

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