Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XV Mobile to be developed by Machine Zone

Final Fantasy XV.jpg

That’s right, the boys in Final Fantasy XV will be making it into your mobile screen!  As you might or might not know, Final Fantasy XV will be releasing on the 29th November 2016 on PS4 and XBOX one, hurrah for that!

But here’s another surprise for you! Not only will they be on your television screen, Square Enix will also be working hand in hand with Machine Zone(MZ) whom has developed the top mobile games Mobile Strike and Games of War: Fire age. The California-based company will be partnering with Square Enix to bring you the next big game, FFXV Mobile.

Final Fantasy XV will be combining the characters, storyline, audio from Square Enix’s console game with Machine Zone technology. Definitely a new power-pack to anticipate for. The partnership between MZ and Square Enix would probably be a new age for mobile gaming and branding to the next level.

Would it be P2P or F2P? Well the gameplay, genre, and release date has not been announced yet. But do stay tune for more information as Gamersaur attempt to bring your mobile games News, Reviews, and information at the speed of Flash (or die trying to!)

Meanwhile you can take a look at the latest cinematic from FFXV!

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