Nexon announces over 30 games title previews at G-star 2016

G-star 2016 global game exhibition will be happening at Busan Exhibition & Convention Center in Busan, Korea. The game exhibition will be held over 4 days from 17th – 20th November 2016. The Expo is scaled at 55,300 sqm and is organized by Korea Internet & Digital Entertainment Association.

Korea’s largest gaming company, Nexon will be showcasing over 30 games title previews  of various platform ranging from PC to mobile during this global game show. The games that will be showcased are set to launch between now to 2017. Stay tune to Gamersaur as we will bring you the latest updates of any pre-registration to game launch. Scroll down further for some exciting videos.


Mobile Games Previews

Do note that not all of the Nexon game titles are shown here.

Tales Runner Revolt

Developed by Rhaon Entertainment, Tales Runner Revolt is a mobile adaptation of the PC version of Tales Runner. The mobile adaptation will be similar to the PC version as a Vertical runner.


Gunpie Adventure

Developed by NPIE Games, the first trailer has been revealed recently. The play style of Gunpie Adventure is a first person shooter mobile game, with various elements such as customizable vehicles, guns and costumes. Check out the trailer below.


Tree of Savior Mobile

Previously, IMC games and nexon had joined forces to bring you Tree of savior mobile. Not much information has been passed yet however, here’s some candy for you.



Shin Dynasty Warriors Unleashed

Shin Dynasty Warrior is adapted from the Dynasty Warrior series where the gameplay is a tactical action game, The trailer will probably say it all.



Dark Avenger III

Developed by Boolean games, Dark Avenger III is a mobile action RPG. With the latest sequel with improved game system which supports live gameplay for players in modes such as raid and PVP. The previous 2 series was actually published by another korean giant, Gamevil. However the trailer seems to be giving the vibe of change of publisher, since Nexon is announce their previews.




Durango is a pretty new genre in the mobile game industry. A sandbox and survival based mobile game. Players will be fighting off dinosaurs and building their own settlement in order to survive the harsh environments.



Announced previously in July, Nexon will be expanding the MapleStory series with different genres of games. MapleBlitzX will be a new addition to the series. The gameplay seems to be a lane battle game. Check out the trailer to understand more of this upcoming mobile game.


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