Dreamt about being a postman? You can be a medieval messenger in Postknight

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Postknight is a linear adventure RPG developed by Kurechii, a Malaysia indie game developer. The game is currently in its beta phase, and will be made available to everyone once it is officially launched. The launch date however, has not been confirmed. Words from the Kurechii team says that they are hoping to launch it by the end of this year, 2016.

postman vs postknight

Are you wondering what is the difference between a Postman and Postknight?

Don your armor, wield your sword & shield and carry your messenger bag too, as you will be playing as a messenger, or rather a Postknight (Since you are armed with swords and shields!). As a messenger you will be tasked to deliver messages or letters to the corresponding NPC in various towns. The adventure begins when you embark on a journey to your destination and during this journey you will be faced with wild monsters such as wolves to treacherous bandits.

Postknight gameplay gamersaur.png

Character growth

As you venture to new places and dangerous paths, you will obtain various equipment, materials and also gold coins. Monsters and bandits will only get stronger as you traverse in the game, thus these resources that you have looted on your adventure will allow you to upgrade your character’s gear so that you won’t get fatally wounded by enemies that obstruct you from finishing your mission.

Not forgetting the experiences that you have come across during your journey, your character will grow and points will be given to your character when he/she level up. To strengthen your character with the points, you can allocate the points into the available stats: Strength, Agility, Intelligence, and Vitality. All the stats will play a part in your heroes growth, either making him/her poke the opponents harder (Str) or be able to dodge and deal critical hits (Agi). and of course being able to survive longer with more health points (Vit).

Who can you recommend Postknight to?

The game is made for casual players who would like to burn some of their time playing this game when they are waiting for someone or something, or someone who simply admires Chibi graphics (The game is definitely cute!).

Since the game is still in its early stages, more improvement and content patches might probably come along in the future. I feel that the general audience will change depending on new content.

Postknight is currently available in a the Google Playstore and also for iOS users you will be probably be required to sign up to get and invitation for more information on the beta phase.



Kurechii is a Malaysia Indie game developer. Fueled with passion, creativity and determination, They aim to bring memorable and unique games to the world!

They have also won several awards such as ‘Casual Connect Asia 2015 Indie Prize Awards – Best Game In Show Audience Choice’, ‘2016 Taipei Game Show Indie Game Awards – Most Popular Game’, and many more with their games that they have developed: Tiny Guardians, The King’s league: Odyssey, etc.

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