Devilian Mobile has officially launched on both iOS and Android. Published by Gamevil Inc, the game has similar game play as its PC counterpart that was published by Trion worlds. Players who have pre-registered will be able to obtain the various rewards given by the game itself.

What is Devilian Mobile?

Devilian is a stage mode hack-and-slash RPG that players will get to control their characters who is the last vanguard of Aelkeina and also a half devil-half man to fight against the fallen god in order to save the world. As a vanguard and a half devil, your character will be able to power up while in battle, also known as the Devilian mode, in which he/she will become stronger to assist in fighting the monsters. You will be able to level and gear your hero with various equipment to strengthen them for the hard battle ahead as you advance in the stages.


The game comes with both PVE and PVP content where you are able to single or dual tag PVP against other players who are playing Devilian Mobile. Other than just the PVP Arena, Devilian has various other modes which includes Raid, Daily Dungeons, Infernal Temple.
Devilian Mobile runs on energy base format where you will need energy to traverse through the campaign stages and PVP.


Who will Gamersaur recommend this game to?

If you love hack-and slash, and is a fan of the PC game Devilian, this mobile game will bring you to the next level of gaming. Play Devilian anywhere as long as you have a handheld device! For busy adults, you may run this in an auto mode when you are at home (*not at work*) as you rest after your busy work hours. The game is pretty well-rounded for almost anyone who likes hack-and-slash game, from students to retirees!

If you are planning to play today, that is definitely a good choice! As you will be receiving the global launch reward, as well as maintenance reward that amount up to 800 diamonds (IAP currency), and other rewards.

The game is available on both iOS and Android, and download link will be provided just right below.



Download Links



Gamevil  is one of the most active and innovative mobile game companies in the world. Established in 2000 and with offices in Seoul, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Beijing, Singapore, Taipei, and Berlin, GAMEVIL is an experienced global mobile game publisher working with more than 70 top studios around the world.

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