Conquer and dominate the planets with Millennium Conquest

Millennium Conquest, Developed and publish by GTArcade will be their upcoming new mobile game. The game is a real-time strategy war game which is based on a science fiction universe. It will be available on both Android and iOS, however no official launch date was mentioned yet. The game is currently holding its pre-registration phase for players on various channels.

The Story

Thousands of years after earth was abandoned by humanity, the humans have started to colonize the space. The Gaia system became the center of a galactic war. As powerful factions clash and tries to dominate resource-rich worlds, blood shed was most commonly seen than peace. In this troubled age, Only the strongest will survive. Are you one of them?


In Millennium Conquest, you will take on the role as a Supreme Commander with the tools to create your own empire. As you build your structures, you will also be recruiting elites and advance military units. Lead your military forces with never seen before strategies and tactics to defeat your opponents and expand your territory. Join alliances along the way to become stronger together by forging bonds and assisting each other.

conquer players online Millenium conquest

The game features

  • Vast Sci-fi universe where you can expand and battle across 13 sectors that are created by millions of combat grids.
  • build your cities and structure to become stronger along with your military populations.
  • Variety of military units will be available to you as you grow your base.
  • Online Real-time coop gameplay
  • Massive PVP conflicts between alliances
  • Battle reports and battle playback feature to let you polish and perfect your gameplay

Millenium Conquest massive units

Stay tune for the launch of Millennium Conquest.


GTArcade is an innovative free-to-play mobile and browser games platform dedicated to bringing highly entertaining games to players all around the world.

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