Enneas Saga Grand Opening

Enneas Saga is an Action RPG published by Lyto Mobi. The game was launched on 17th November 2016 on Android, no news has yet to be confirmed for the launch for iOS users.

Enneas Saga features over 300 dungeons in which you will unfold an epic adventure with your heroes. There are 9 Races, 4 Elements of heroes in this game. You will see the plot that features a half-demon half-human hero in the game.

As you collect Hero Stones in the Hero Dungeons, you will be able to summon cool heroes to be used.

Other game modes include Hero Dungeons, where you can collect Hero Stones to summon awesome heroes that you can use. Weekly Dungeons for you to obtain various resources, Black Tower to challenge yourself. The Great Rift, where you will have to stop powerful bosses. Descent Dungeons to clean the world in destruction by defeating powerful angels. Royal Tomb where you will discover hidden artifacts as you journey inside and fight the spirits of the dead. Guild raid when you join forces with new-found friends.  Underground Arena where you will have to strategize your team in order to make a name for yourself

The game also comes in various languages such as English, Bahasa, Thailand, Vietnamese, and Chinese.

★ Obtain Hero Stones to Summon Heroes.
★ Obtain Heroes and various Items from Treasure Chests.
Challenge yourself to New Dungeons as your Team Level rises.
Compete with Other Players in various ranked competitions.
★ Put together a Customized Team that can annihilate Opposing Teams.
★ Make Friends with other players and recruit their Heroes.
Exchange Coins with Friends and Guild Members.
★ Up your VIP Level without purchasing premium items.

Download Link
Google Play Store



Lyto is an Indonesian online game publisher, established in 2003. Lyto headquarters are located in Jakarta, Indonesia. As a game publisher has published many variety of different MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) originating from Asia. The games as of today are Ragnarok Online (Korea), Getamped (Japan), Seal Online (Korea), RF-Online (Korea), Idol-Street, Perfect World (China) and CrossFire (Korea). Lyto has held many different events especially one called the Lyto Game Festival which holds gaming competitions, gatherings, and Cosplay / Costume Play, while promoting their own gaming products. Other than publishing online game for desktop, Lyto also expanded their business on mobile gaming business by releasing Lyto Mobi, a mobile gaming platform launched in 2013, with Faunia Paw as its first published game.


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