Sail the seas, Dominate and Plunder others in SailCraft


SailCraft is a RTS battleship mobile game that is developed by UQSOFT. This 3D naval warfare strategy game allows you to challenge various players from all around the globe. Gamers will be able to build and customize their own fleet and tactics in order to out-think and out-play their opponent in the naval battlefield. Currently in its Beta phase, SailCraft is available on the Android App Store. You will be able to find the download link right at the end of this article.


The game is blended in with a classic battleship rule but in order to create a more amazing and unique gaming experience, SailCraft comes along with its unique new warship skill system in which players can make use of to their advantage in the sea.


Players will be able to recruit different variety of warships into their fleet, which includes the glorifying human warships, tough-nuts dwarf submarines, and even the mystical elf magic ships. You will have to form your own formations and tactics in order to defeat the opponent who are definitely as formidable as yourself.


The game modes includes Battle (standard issue battleship mode), Plunder (Plunder resources from other players), and Pirate (Coming soon).

SailCraft is incorporated with a fuel energy system where players will ‘use’ the ship’s fuel for battle. Once the ship’s ‘fuel’ runs empty, you will then have to refuel your ships via using gold (In-game-currency).

Other than just playing SailCraft alone in without any companies, you will be able to build or join a guild after you build your Guild Ship. Battle and practice with your friends along the arduous sea journey and most importantly have fun!


Who would Gamersaur Recommend this game to?

This casual mobile game can be played within a short amount of time per match, so It is highly recommended to people who likes game with short time-span. Also since it’s about ships and the naval battle, Enthusiasts of the 2 mentioned, Ships and Naval Battle, would definitely have a good time with the game. However it contains non-realistic elements for the fleets, thus a little fictional imagination would run great along with the genre.


Game Features

  •  Exquisite 3D graphics, over 60 types of warships available, classic warships, special alien warships…you name it!
  • Human warships, dwarf submarines, and elf magic ships are all waiting for command at your finger tips
  • Over 70 tactics, such as mortars, torpedoes, missiles, and scouts…
  • Different combinations of warships, formations, skills, and spells
  • Search for hostile warships in the Sea of Mists, destroy them and restore peace
  • Set up impregnable defense against plunderers
  • Challenge players worldwide in real-time, and take over their trophies you very well deserve
  • Design your ultimate fleet and defeat your opponents, fight to become the king in the Arena
  • Create your community, share tips, and grow your own skills
  • Battle with your real-life friends and share the fun

Lead your fleet and battle with millions of players, and get your ranking to Top 1 worldwide today!


Download Link

Google Play Store



UQSOFT is a software developing company that was founded in 2014. The company has published various Mobile game in Korean, Chinese and not forgetting the English mobile game SailCraft. Besides developing just in China, UBSOFT has development includes regions such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korean, SEA region, Russia as well as Europe and others.

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