Mobile games that brings simplicity in with colors

Colors has always been one of the most basic thing in life that we often use without much thinking. And most often than not we associate things with colors as well, like What color is an apple? or, What color is an orange?

Colors has always brought the simplicity of its nature into mobile games as well. With different elements that are modified into a mobile game, colors become a little more complicated than the usual. Matching colors by twisting and turning tiles, or avoiding a certain color in order to survive a level in a mobile game. Or even matching colors. Here are some game that brings color into play.

Please note that the game might not be suitable for people with color blindness as well as epilepsy.

Twist Tiles Saga Brick Puzzle


Twist Tiles Saga Brick Puzzle is a is a casual brick breaker puzzle game developed by MONMAX LIMITED Studio DragonsEye. The game consists of tiles that are separated with 4 colors. By matching the tile color to its surrounding tiles , you will obtain points to  and diminishes the tile count complete the stages. Twist Tiles comes in stage mode in which you must match a certain number of tiles to finish the mission and the score will be calculated once you clear the round.

There are various obstacle in the game such as a rock where you need to tap multiple times to destroy it, or an ice that will melt while you are holding your finger on it. If you flip a tile wrongly, energy will be deducted from you and your score will become lower.

The game is currently in a beta stage and is available on the Google Play Store. There was no mentioning if there is regional lock on this game, so if you are unable to download the App, it could possibly be that the game is under regional lock, and your country may not be one of selected few that are able to download the beta version.


Chroma Rush


Chroma Rush is developed by an indie game developer Gautam Ramakrishnan. The game is a simple game to test one’s reflexes, alertness and concentration.
It consists of different various mini game in which you would have to either match the correct color, or to set the tiles in a correct order. The game requires a very intense concentration to see the correct color sometimes.

There is also a time limit where you have to meet or you will lose due to your time being used up. For every mistake you make, time get deducted off the total amount of time you have, and the faster your clear the stage, the more time you will get to accumulate. The game is currently available on the Google Play Store.




Autonomy is also developed by an indie game developer team, Unruly Attraction. The game is available on the Google Play Store but no news has been confirmed if it will be released on the iOS platform yet. In this game, you will be controlling a sphere, to brave through the obstacle (Red sphere) or to capture the green sphere which, or both in order to finish the stage, You will become your own worst enemy as the future obstacle will copy the patterns that you employ in the previous rounds to go against you.

This is a casual swiping game that will keep you company as you push your skills to reach the top of the leaderboard


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