Control time with Time Locker

Time Locker is a casual mobile game developed by indie developer Sotaro Otsuka. The game is currently available in both iOS and Android, you can find the download link right at the end of the page.

Time Locker is a vertical scrolling mobile game that has a very simple operations method. “If you Stop, Time Stops”. Basically what it meant was, by scrolling the screen, you will be able to move your character. But once you stop scrolling, the character will stop moving as well, along with the other objects or “monsters” that appears on the screen, giving you the illusion of hang time.
However what doesn’t stop is the “black hole” that is eating up the land right behind you; If you stop for too long, you will see the white tiles getting ‘gobbled’ up from behind you and if it reaches you, it’s game over.

gamersaur time locker gameplay

Not as easy as it might seem

The game may have a very simple mechanics, however as you advance further into the waves, obstacles will start to appear and the creatures will not only be coming in and out horizontally but vertically and diagonally as well. Since there are obstacles, creatures may also pop out right from the obstacles.

As you play longer and obtain the “C” Currency, you will be able to use it to open crates that gives you random characters with different shooting abilities as well in hope to help you advance further into the waves.

time locker gameplay gamersaur


Who would Gamersaur Recommend this game to?

This game is a very casual mobile game to burn time off your spare hours or while waiting for people. It is definitely suitable for all ages and easy to understand the whole game mechanics. The game is Free to play, so everyone can download it!


Download Link
Google Play Store
Apple iTunes


Sotaro Otsuka is an indie game developer who has worked for a major IT company that developed mobile games.After some experiences that he has went through, he then decided to path his own way into mobile game by creating games on his own.


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