Shift your gears and play with friends on Eden Games latest mobile game Gear.Club


Gear.Club, developed and published by Eden Games, is a mobile racing game with high-end graphics and exotic real cars available for you to race in. The game is available in both iOS and Android now. you can find the Download link right below. It will be Free to download but contains IAPs.

The game provides more than just adrenaline rush, but also an authentic worlds of car with realistic driving experience. Other than just playing against NPCs (Non player Character) You will also get to compete against your online friends and foes through unlimited races, championships and other events.

Drive like a Pro

You will be able to choose between 3 different playing style, the first being Tilt Acceleration: auto: Standard Tilt control with tap-to-brake, Tilt Acceleration: Manual: Tapping for brake and accelerations, and tilt for control, and lastly Buttons Acceleration: auto: tap/hold for steering and brakes with auto acceleration.

While racing, you will also see color-coded racing guide line and driver aids. The degree of hand-holding can be tweak via the setting menu, therefore drivers of all skill levels would be able to tweak and find their perfect settings.

Features of Gear.Club

What I really like about the game is that you are actually able to reverse time on campaign rounds. What it does is take you back seconds before, if you have made any mistake, you are actually able to correct whatever you want, such as steering to a more ideal path.

Apart from driving, you will notice its top-notch graphical design content, such as when your purchasing a new car, you are actually able to open the front door as well as the bonnet and admire the beauty of the various different cars that are available for purchase. They range from A1 to A2 and A3 onwards.

Car purchase

Unlike most games that has an energy system, Gear.Club does not have a energy or fuel system that will limit your races. However, if you were to upgrade your vehicle, such as installing a new engine, It will require time to fit the engine in just like real-life, however the time won’t take days to complete but just from minutes to hours.

gear club fitting installation.png

Who would Gamersaur recommend this game to?

Car lovers would definitely try out this game for sure, since you are able to collect and customize many cars that Gear.Club has to offer. You will also get to enjoy details including engine and the interiors of the car in full HD! This game is definitely ideal for car fanatics and also if you don’t like to spend too much time on mobile games, Gear.Club has a very short time span in each race so you can enjoy the game within a short few minutes.
However do note that the game files is pretty huge considering the graphics


● DRIVE with fully simulated engines, powertrains, suspensions and aerodynamics. Multiple control schemes are supported!
● EXPLORE breathtaking settings and exotic locations.
● RACE against your Friends through Events and Championships.
● CREATE and develop the ultimate Performance Shop to collect, upgrade and customize the most gorgeous exotic cars.
● ENGINEER specific parts to boost your machines beyond their maximum capacity.
● ADMIRE car details such as engines and interiors shown in Full HD!
● COLLECT all your favorite cars.

Download links
Google Play Store
Apple iTunes iOS


Eden Games was founded in Lyon, France in 1998, to develop one of the most successful game franchises on PlayStation systems: V-Rally.

In 2000, the studio expanded its racing expertise with the development of Need For Speed: Porsche for EA. Eden Games iterated in other genres (Kya: Dark Lineage, Alone in the Dark) before returning to its roots with Test Drive Unlimited, the first massive open world racing game franchise.


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