Cyber Week Deal on Google Play Store!

Cyber Week deal is here on the Google Play Store. It is time for us to be thankful to the play store this thanksgiving! Although Thanksgiving might not be observed in all the countries. Google Play Store still has the Cyber Week promotion available for everyone.

You can enjoy from Apps up to 80% off in this discount promotion that will be ending on November 29th 2016.

Google Play promotion.jpg

Some of the game titles includes: Hitman: Sniper, This War of Mine, LIMBO, FINAL FANTASY TACTICS : WotL and many more.

This is definitely the time to spend your money on some of the mobile games that you desire! Apart from game titles that are selling at a discounted rate, Other mobile games such as Valiant Force also has the Black Friday deal IAPs implemented into their game.

Black Friday is definitely a wonderful day for the Mobile Gaming enthusiasts

You can find the promotion here.


For your information

If you want to know more about Black Friday, you may read the following below, additional knowledge is alwayss a wise thing. 🙂

Cyber Monday is a marketing term referred to the following Monday after Thanksgiving in the United States. 

Black Friday has been regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season in United States. Most of the major retailers would open very early and some would close at later hours or even open overnight. They would also offer promotional sales for the pre-christmas shopping.

The usage of Black Friday dates back to at least 1961, and a popular explanation for this day is that it represents the point in the year when retailers begin to turn a profit, thus going from being “in the red”(making loss) to being “in the black”(making profit).

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